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How To Keep Your Closet Organized?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I always have an urge to organize my wardrobe every time I see them. It was so messy that sometimes I’m not able to find my clothes which I want to wear and end up repeating my cloth most of the day.

Organizing a closet might be easy, but maintaining an organized closet is like a dream for every woman. It doesn’t matter how organized you are, when you’re in a rush, you just messed it up and regret later. We are kept on updating our wardrobe for the whole year and forget to declutter the unused stuff. Which not only mess up our wardrobe but also take lots of space.

Today I’m going to share how you can easily organize your wardrobe and make space in your closet for more clothes. Follow these steps to organize your closet and consider putting essential things in your wardrobe.

1) Declutter your clothes

First of all, take out all the clothes from your wardrobe and separate them by the categories (like paint, shirt, jacket, jeans, etc). Go through all the stuff once and separate the clothes you prefer to wear the most. Those dresses you think to wear someday honestly that day will never come, so keep those clothes you know you love and wear more frequently. Believe me, this will help you to save tons of space in your wardrobe.

Declutter your clothes


2) Clean your closet

Once you take out all the dresses then properly clean your wardrobe. Deep cleaning of the closet is also important as the organization. After cleaning use closet organizers, it will help you to organize your clothes, accessories, shoes, and bags. You can buy these closet organizers from any online store. These organizers are the perfect solutions for making space in your closet and you can also find your stuff easily. You can separate your dresses by the chamber or space so that if you need anything you can find it easily.

Clean your wardrobe


3) Organize your clothes

Separate your clothes according to categories like sweaters, jackets, jeans, a dress, a t-shirt, and shirts. Some dresses take more space than others like sweaters and jeans, so fold them and put them in the organizer category wise. Not only that, but you’ll also able to see each cloth clearly and take out easily when you need them. Always put your most used items on the top so that, you can take it out easily whenever you need them. It will also save a lot of your time.

Organize your clothes


4) Use hangers

If you want to give a neat and clean look to your wardrobe then hanging the dresses is the best option for you. You can use a wooden hanger to hang your shirt, t-shirt, dresses, and jackets. It will align your dresses properly and easily you can pick the dress you want you to wear. Always hang your dresses in one direction, longer items towards the right, and shorter items towards the left. It will create slop and these dresses are on your eye level.

Use hangers


5) Fold your clothes

It will help you to free up some space in your wardrobe. There is a bunch of small stuff that you can fold and put them in the drawer. You can fold your t-shirts, shorts, socks, scarf, and your garments and fill them vertically in the drawer or any other storage box. So that you can easily pull out your stuff whenever you need them. This will make your daily life a bit easier.

Fold your clothes


6) Organize your bags

I’m one of those people who love to collect handbags. Most of them I really never use but whenever I see my bags collection it makes me happy and it also takes most of the space in my closet. You might be facing the same problem, so in order to organize your handbags, firstly, line up your bags on overhead shelves. Then place the least used handbags on the higher shelve and everyday bags on lower shelves. Sort your bags on the basis of type, size, and color. It will help you to organize your bags properly.

Organize your bags

Thank you for reading. I hope you find it helpful. If you have any questions regarding this post or any suggestion, please let me know in the comment section.

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