Accessories I Could Not Live Without

Our daily look isn’t complete without accessories. A simple accessory can elevate your daily look. It doesn’t matter how expensive the statement pieces you wear, it always feels incomplete without any accessories. There are a few accessories that I think every woman should have in her closet.

Like other women, I also love to collect earrings, neckpieces, watch, bracelets, rings, and sunglasses. But most of them are heavy pieces of jewelry that I could not wear on a daily basis. It’s come out of my closet on a special occasion, after that they just rest in my dresser until other parties come.

That was the main reason why I had started buying small earrings and pendant that I can actually use in my day to day life. Just wear jeans or crop and paired it with rings, studs, and pendant, and you are good to go. Today I’m going to share my favorite accessories with you that I used on a regular basis. These accessories will give you a unique personal style.

1) A watch

Yes, a watch, it’s not only shows you the time but also enhance your look. In the fashion industries, many brands have launched their own line of watches. You just have to buy a perfect watch that suits you and look good on your wrist. Theirs have some watches that also work as a bracelet which you can wear at parties. It will give you a more classy kind of look.

2) Pendant

Adding a simple pendant on your daily outfit will make you more glamourous. These accessories are very handy and lightweight. If you are wearing a simple white t-shirt with a pendant and you are ready for the day. There have so many fashion brands that have their own line of accessories. You can easily find a pendant according to your choice.

3) Earrings

I love wearing small earring every day, I do have a variety of studs that goes with all my outfits. There have a variety of earrings in the market, but I personally like gold and silver earrings and pendant. Because silver and gold are so versatile that it will complement a lot of the other colors.

4) Rings

Fashion is not only about wearing cloth, but it’s also about how you complement your dresses with perfect accessories that give you a classy look and ring is also one of them. When you wear multiple rings in your finger you look more stylish. Wear casual outfits and simple gold or silver rings in your fingers and you are ready for the day.

5) Bracelets

Do not let your hand look empty if you don’t have a fan of watches then try to wear bracelets. Fashion change so quickly, it’s good to have some essential accessories in your wardrobe which you can wear throughout the year. Honestly, I prefer wearing a gold bracelet than a silver or white one, because it looks classier.

6) Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not used to protect your eyes during summer, but they also added glamour to your daily outfits. As you have been following many fashion bloggers, you may notice they often wear sunglasses. Wheater you use sunglasses as an accessory or actually wear them, it always makes you more fashionable.

Thank you for reading. I hope you find it helpful. If you have any questions regarding this post or any suggestion, please let me know in the comment section.

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